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Wealth Management
Global Millenium Group was established in 2007 and has quietly been the successful strategy center for many of today's major business, public & private. Our company's advisors provides investors with the expertise in fundamental credit, equity and diversified hedge fund strategies. Our team of advisors also provides strategies in private equity investing for North American company primary fund investments and co-investments, secondary investments and real assets. Global Millenium Group makes the management of your assets as simple and hassle free as possible in a world that wants to keep making it more complicated. With our strategic systems, trademarked approach procedures and through close coordination with your accountant we can maximize your success and movemnet concerning paperwork and taxes. Our clients have the ability to access a wide range of investment opportunities including individually managed stock portfolios, individually managed bond portfolios, alternative investments, separate account management and innovative strategies. We employ both fundamental and technical analysis in creating a portfolio designed to meet your specific goals by evaluating risk tolerance, goals, and experience. Global Millenium Group is a focused team of investment strategists. Here at Global Millenium Group, we deliver a broad range of customized investment consulting services to institutional clients, including foundations, endowments, educational institutions, health care entities, associations and other nonprofit organizations, as well as corporations.
Global Millenium Group has a strong and proven over-standing of the UCC, its overview & history, definitions, cases and proper usage, laws, contracts, and consent, its choice of law especially in terms of jurisdiction, perfection, attachment & priority rules, licenses & priviledges We have a team of strategists who study the laws of the UCC and Banking, its patents and constitutional law trademarks showing how the UCC forms work with state status and contact information. At Global Millenium Group, we tackle your situations as a skilled chess player with several advisors attacking one objective. Our team over-stands the sales, leases, negotiable instruments, bank deposits, fund transfers, letters of credit, bulk transfers and bulk sales, the proper collection, recording and storage of warehouse reciepts, bills of lading and other documents of title, while also keeping a handle on investment securities and secured transactions. We Win when other firms attempt to try and execute a plan.