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Retail Merchandise
Retail is a fast-paced business. At Global Millenium Group Inc. we’ve been innovating service for the past 18 years and we’re as excited about the retail business as we were when we started.

Like the best retailers, we believe in caring for our customers. We’ve built our business on simple, universal values: integrity, honesty, and hard work. It’s an approach that has stood the test of time – the clients who work with us, tend to stay with us.

Our expertise and contacts across the globe have breathed fresh life into many popular brands with ambitions to grow.

Not only do we work in the United States, so far we’ve helped companies set up structure and partnership with new retail opportunities in Senegal, Ghana, Gambia and Kenya.

Global Millenium Group Inc.’s developed teams of professionals are guided by one overriding goal: How can we create the greatest value for our clients in everything we do? With expertise in every aspect of commercial property retail real estate investment, ownership, and development, we can help our clients reach this goal. 

Our expertise has added value to retailers and brands. Whether you are a publicly listed or privately-owned company, a new start-up or a household name, let us use our expertise to add value to yours.

To learn how Global Millenium Group Inc., can add value to your retail project through any of our services; Development/Redevelopment, Property Management, Asset Management, Receivership, Acquisition and Disposition services, and Debt/Equity Sourcing, please contact us today.