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The Business of Entertainment
 Brand Development, Distribution, Marketing, Promotions, and Music, Video, and Film Production.

“The Media & Entertainment Industry Operations Structure for All your Entertainment Needs

In response to the growing popularity and necessity for a presence on the internet, Corvenus Entertainment Group, was designed for a physical and social domineering presence to deliver innovative merchandise and secure digital media services including music, e-books, documents and video for a wide range of partners around the world, in every sector including record companies, films and production companies, artist(s),  retailers, consumer electronics companies, fashion brands, advertising agencies, and many other organizations looking to harness the power of digital music and video to engage customers.

A distribution and marketing program for our clients has been implemented that has awarded us a strong presence in the U.K., that has lead the firm to generate revenue from the growing digital download and entertainment industry market utilizing the latest technology. Utilizing the latest technology, visitors will be able to sample movie clips, buy music, merchandise and view media collections from Corvenus Entertainment Group artist and partners and have live stream conversations which no other platform is offering.